Thursday, July 17, 2008

Booking Through Thursday--Vacation Spots

Booking Through Thursday's question today:

Do you buy books while on vacation/holiday?

Do you have favorite bookstores that you only get to visit while away on a trip?

What/Where are they?

I'll buy books anywhere, so yes, I buy books while on vacation. Actually, I usually bring plenty of books with me for my vacation reading, but I find an excuse to buy new books while I'm away, anyway.

I actively seek out local bookstores when I'm on vacation--it's a wonderful way to soak up the local color. Also, I love to buy local books to help me learn about a new place.

We usually visit Cape Cod every year with my husband's family, and there's a lovely little bookstore right down the road from where we stay in Brewster. I blogged about it here.

And here's a picture:


Joanne said...

Hi, just found your blog and enjoyed looking around! Love the local bookstores - yours on the Cape looks charming. Don't they all have a certain endearing quality? We like to stop at Harbor Books in Old Saybrook, CT, on the town's quaint Main Street. We too bring along books on vaca, but there's always a new one to pick up in a favorite shop!

Leah said...

Hi there. I was delighted to see the Brewster bookshop on Cape Cod on your blog as I stayed in Brewster and visited the shop while on holiday in the USA in 2005. It brought back lovely memories of a great trip, Seattle to Cape Cod over land. Another great bookshop from the trip was Elliott Bay Book Co. in Seattle. I could have spent days in there. I really like your blog.

Gentle Reader said...

joanne--thanks for stopping by! I love local book stores. My in-laws live in CT, so if we pass through Old Saybrook, I'll look for Harbor Books!

leah--I was in Brewster in August of 2005, maybe we crossed paths and didn't even know it! Also, isn't Seattle great? Next time I'm there I'll have to check out Elliott Bay Book Co.--thanks!

litlove said...

I remember this book store from when you last went to Cape Cod - it looks so lovely! I still wish I could visit it one day. You never know!

Gentle Reader said...

litlove--hope you get there some day! I'll recommend all the good places to get ice cream :)

Matt said...

I remember this gorgeous bookshop from your previous post. It's lovely. I always go search for bookstores when I arrive in my vacation destinations! I know, this has been a life-long affliction and hunger. I like to check out the local interests section, then browse through the book tables. I always bring home another stack from vacation!

Gentle Reader said...

matt--I feel the same way! I love the local interest section, too. It's always so great if you can find a local treasure :)

Mark said...

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