Thursday, October 28, 2010

Booking Through Thursday--Skeletons

Here is this week's Booking Through Thursday question:

In honor of Halloween this weekend:

What reading skeletons do you have in your closet? Books you’d be ashamed to let people know you love? Addiction to the worst kind of (fill in cheesy genre here)? Your old collection of Bobbsey Twin Mysteries lovingly stored behind your “grown-up” books? You get the picture … come on, confess!

Hmmm...skeletons in my reading closet? The first thing that comes to mind are all those Georgette Heyer novels I've read over the years. They're really a guilty pleasure. I have enjoyed her historical novels but her Regency books are the true skeletons in my reading closet.

Other than that, I may read the occasional chick-lit novel, or cheesy bestseller, but other than Georgette Heyer, I don't have anything else that approaches true secret addiction.

How about you, anything you don't readily admit to reading? Any secret book addictions?


Anonymous said...

I've never read any Georgett Heyer, but I've been meaning to as Stephen Fry mentioned one of hers as a favourite of his!

My BTT is here:

The Social Frog said...

I am not ashamed of any books I've read, they are just books :)

ladystorm said...

I tried to read a Heyer book but couldn't get into it.

I don't really have anything I am ashamed of. :)

Gentle Reader said...

domestic goddess--I love Stephen Fry! Also, enjoyed your post :)

Social Frog--I'm with you on that, nothing to be ashamed of about reading, reall!

ladystorm--I can understand not getting into Heyer's stuff. I doubt I would like it as much if I tried to read it for the first time now. Got hooked as a teen :)

The Book Bee said...

Hi just stopping by to let you know you have an award over at my blog.


Gentle Reader said...

Book Bee--Thank you so much, I appreciate it!!!

litlove said...

Ah but Georgette Heyer is class. I'm not ashamed of any books per se, but I certainly wouldn't tell my colleagues at Cambridge about the chick-lit and the thrillers I read as they would most certainly be dismissive! But I like them. I like variety in my reading most of all - I couldn't appreciate Milan Kundera if I weren't able to wash him down with a bit of Jilly Cooper. :-)

Gentle Reader said...

litlove--I love how you put it, and I so agree--variety is the spice of life, and reading :)

Mugdha said...

I don't have many book-skeletons, but...boy did I read a lot of Harry Potter fanfiction back in the day. Heh.

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed to admit that I like cheesy Celebrity biographies and autobiographies. I read one about Patti , who was George Harrison's wife and Eric Clapton's lover and one about Madonna. So fun. I wanted to read one about Peggy Lipton but decided it was to indulgent. madeleine