Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Salon--Donating, and reading

The Sunday

Living here in earthquake country, we've all been following the story of last week's horrific earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Here's a link to the Red Cross donation page, to donate directly to Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief, if you're so inclined. And here's a link to the Red Cross web page about disaster preparedness for your home and family. If it's not earthquakes, there's always some sort of natural disaster lurking, so best to be prepared!

I'm definitely reading up on this, and we are replenishing what we call our "earthquake supplies." One of the hard things is to store the one gallon of water per person, for three days, that is recommended to keep handy. The Red Cross list is a good one, and reminds me of the things we're missing in our family's personal disaster preparedness.

This weekend, when not glued to the internet looking at news out of Japan, I've read some of The Imperfectionists, by Tom Rachman, and I made a batch of blood orange marmalade. Yum. The Imperfectionists has been a roller-coaster ride of characters, some that I like and others I dislike, some I respect and others I don't, some I want to give a good talking-to, and others I'd like to hug. Another book made up of linked stories, each from a different character's point of view, I'm finding it a pretty compelling read.

Hope you have a peaceful, disaster-free weekend, and that you find some time to read.


Ti said...

I am obsessed with the earthquake/tsunami coverage. I cannot stop watching it yet doing so depresses me. It amazes mew that some of the folks at work didn't even know about it! I work at a university! How could they not know?

I still have my earthquake kits that I put together after the Northridge quake. They are so old they disintergrated and now I have two kids which are not accounted for in those kits anyway. Guess I better make up some new ones.

I am thinking a water barrel that we refill every month would be better than trying to store water. Water in plastic doesn't hold up nearly as well these days.

Gentle Reader said...

Ti--I hear you--I don't know how anyone could not have heard about this particular tragedy. Come to think of it, I don't think my kids are accounted for in our earthquake kits either! And a barrel sounds like a good idea--probably more efficient, space-wise, anyway.

Skelton said...

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