Saturday, May 19, 2007

A New Challenge--Southern Reading

I’ve been reading about all the bloggers doing the Southern Reading Challenge hosted by Maggie Reads, and which runs from June 1st through August 30th.

My mother is a southern gal (now a western transplant) and I do love southern literature, so this one was attractive to me. But I didn’t want to commit to another challenge—mostly because I’m new to challenges and don’t want to get in over my head.

But then I thought, “It’s only three books…” And I’ve always wanted to read something by Lee Smith. So I jumped right in with both feet, and mooched Fair and Tender Ladies from BookMooch.

So my list for the Southern Reading Challenge is:
Fair and Tender Ladies (Ballantine Reader's Circle) by Lee Smith
Delta Wedding (A Harvest/Hbj Book) by Eudora Welty
The Moviegoer by Walker Percy

And I think I might just have to re-read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Just because.


Literary Feline said...

I haven't read any of your choices, but they do sound good! I'll be curious to read what you think of them. :-)

Robin said...

I've been thinking about this challenge, too, and hesitant to take on too many at once, but your choices look so good, I'm going to have to seriously consider doing this challenge! I'd like to read more Eudora Welty, and I'd love to reread To Kill a Mockingbird. Thanks for the inspiration!

Gentle Reader said...

literary feline--thanks--I'll keep you posted! Hoping I'll like them, too. I'm really looking forward to reading Lee Smith, as I've heard so much about her.

robin--I know, I'm hesitant about taking on too many challenges at once, too. But this one seemed manageable, so here I am. Also, the lists of what people are reading for the challenge on the Maggie Reads site were great--they gave me inspiration!

Maggie said...

Yippee! Thanks for being committed, I mean, committing! I wouldn't want anyone to be committed for reading Southern books! ;D Although, a few like Faulkner, were committed for writing them.

I too look forward to the Southern book sharing from you and the other participants! Happy reading!

Stephanie said...

I FINALLY joined this one too! I kept putting it off because I just knew I wouldn't have time....but it finally got the best of me.

I have The Moviegoer on my list too! To Kill a Mockingbird is probably my ALL-Time favorite book!

Gentle Reader said...

maggie--thanks for hosting! I hope I'm never committed for reading! Looking forward to sharing.

stephanie--it got the best of me, too! And I can't wait to re-read To Kill a Mockingbird, it's one of my favorites as well!

Jen said...

oooh i love delta wedding. also just re-read to kill a mockingbird. haven't read the moviegoer in ages -- maybe should re-read that one too. started the kingsolver book and don't think it's right for book club. have fun with delta wedding.

Gentle Reader said...

I'm looking forward to Delta Wedding--I've heard about it but never read it. You should definitely re-read The Moviegoer, too--then we can discuss.

What in the world are we going to read for book club?

Matt said...

I've seen this challenge around a lot lately, but I haven't signed up. I think I can only handle one right now. :)

I've tagged you for a new meme over at my blog, hope you don't mind!

Gentle Reader said...

matt--don't mind being tagged at all. I noticed this meme and thought it was cool. So I'm happy to do it--thanks!

Lesley said...

Since the South is now my adopted homeland, I couldn't resist this one either, but it was actually really difficult to narrow it down to three books. I cheated a bit and listed a couple alternate titles. :)

Gentle Reader said...

lesley--I can see how it would be hard to narrow it down. Especially after reading some of the other participants' great lists, I was overwhelmed by the choices!