Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Two Awards!

Having three kids at three different schools is really difficult this time of the year. Everything is theoretically winding down, but there are way too many open houses, performances, awards ceremonies, graduation ceremonies and parties to deal with. I feel more like a chauffeur than a parent at this point.

So that's why it was so nice to find out I had been given two blogging awards. At least someone out there appreciates me for more than my driving skills :)

Not long ago, Leah from The Octogon gave me the sweetest award: the Lemonade Stand Award, an award for bloggers who show “attitude and gratitude." Maybe it's also because when life gives me lemons, I make lemonade. Yum! Lemonade with vodka and fresh mint is particularly nice this time of year...

So thank you, Leah. I love my award.

And now, according to the rules, I need to pass it along to other bloggers. Really, all my blogging friends deserve an award. But I will choose some of my favorite bloggers with attitude:

J.S. Peyton at Biblioaddict

The smile had not even faded from receiving the Lemonade Award, when I found I'd won another award from another lovely blogger. J.S. Peyton, my Biblioaddict blogging friend, gave me this Literary Blogger Award:

The acceptance rules are:

1. Put the logo on your blog/post.
2. Nominate up to 9 blogs that make you feel comfy or warm inside.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know by commenting on their blog.
5. Remember to link to the person from whom you received your award.

Okay, I can do that. I nominate some fabulous bloggers who always make me feel comfy and warm:

Jeane at Dog Ear Diary

You know, any of you that I visit regularly deserves an award, so consider yourself awarded! You're all wonderful, and I am thankful to have made your blogging acquaintance.


Ti said...

First off, you made me drool over the mere mention of your lemonade, mint and vodka concoction. Yum!!

You are so sweet. You totally deserve these awards and it's so kind of you to pass one on to me as well. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I've got attitude...just ask my mom!

Thanks for the award...especially since, like you, I've disappeared for a bit.

And congratulations on your own well-deserved awards!! We all should celebrate with those drinks you mentioned.

Literary Feline said...

Thank you so much! You've made my day. :-) I can see why you were given each of these awards. They are well deserved.

litlove said...

You thoroughly deserve your awards, Gentle Reader! And thank you for flagging up some wonderful book sites - lots here that I haven't visited yet!

Jeane said...

Thank you!! I wasn't expecting this at all. You've got an awesome blog- sorry I don't comment as often as I should.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I'll pass on the good karma, and celebrate with some lemonade. :)

Gentle Reader said...

Ti--You deserve it! And those drinks are yummy--we'll have to get the FOB crew together for some over the summer :)

Jill--yes, let's celebrate with drinks! You deserve it!

Wendy--aww, glad I made your day! You deserve it :)

litlove--Ooh, I love finding new book blogs, and I love leading others there--I'm sure you'll enjoy some of these!

Jeane--Love your blog, you deserve it! And I don't comment enough, either--so hard to keep up with everyone's great work :)

matt--I'll hoist a virtual lemonade with you--you deserve it!

Florinda said...

That lemonade sounds delicious - and yes, we should get the FOB crew back together this summer! On that note...will you be going to David Ebershoff's reading/signing for The 19th Wife at Vroman's in Pasadena on June 22? I'm planning to go, Amy says she's going, and Lisa will go if she can. It would be great to see you there too!

And thank you so much for the award - this is the "gratitude" part :-).

Gentle Reader said...

Florinda--I'm hoping to go to Vroman's for the reading and signing. We leave town the next day, so if I can get my packing done, I'm planning to be there! I'd love to see all of you there. If I don't make it, we'll make another plan. You're welcome for the award--you deserve it :)

Iliana said...

Congratulations on your awards and thank you so much for sharing the blog love :)

What a pretty pic for the literary blogger award. Looks so serene :)

Gentle Reader said...

Iliana--You're welcome, you deserve it. And I agree that the picture is pretty and serene :)

J.S. Peyton said...

I have never had lemonade with vodka, but that sounds absolutely great. Note to self: try that VERY soon!

Thank you for the award (three days later..)!! I really appreciate it. Especially from an awesome blogger with attitude. Even when she's moonlighting as a chauffeur. =)

Bybee said...

Thank you so much and I'll have that drink now! Ummm, refreshing, thanks!

Gentle Reader said...

J.S.--it's a great summer drink, don't forget the mint. And thank you for the award, too! I appreciate it :)

Bybee--Imagine I'm handing you that lemonade, vodka and fresh mint, over ice--ahh! Cheers!

Bookfool said...

Thank you, Gentle Reader!!

Gentle Reader said...

Bookfool--you are most welcome!