Thursday, August 6, 2009

Booking Through Thursday--Recent Serious

Here's this week's Booking Through Thursday question:

What’s the most serious book you’ve read recently?
(I figure it’s easier than asking your most serious boook ever, because, well, it’s recent!)

I am currently reading Daniel Deronda, by George Eliot, on my Kindle. It's slow going only because I keep toting my Kindle around with me, and then not having it nearby when I'm going to bed, which is my favorite time to get a little reading done. But I'm enjoying the book immensely!

For me, the classics are serious, which is why I mention Daniel Deronda, but I put modern literary fiction in the category of "serious", too. There are all kinds of serious books, I guess.

What is your most recent serious book? And for you, what constitutes a "serious" book, anyway?


Table Talk said...

I often think fiction deals with serious issues better than non-fiction. Putting it in a context where the possible outcomes can be explored can make you think much more deeply about whatever is under discussion. For that reason I would have to say Anne Michaels' new novel 'The Winter Vault' which asks all sorts of questions about the way in which we deal with people's sensitivities in the face of 'development'.

litlove said...

I'm currently reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, and that's quite serious - lots of worthy philosophy! I've only ever read Middlemarch by Eliot, but I remember loving it. I really must try her again.

gautami tripathy said...

Eliot is a serious author!

Seriously booking through it!

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Gentle Reader said...

Table Talk--I agree about fiction dealing with serious issues better than non-fiction, sometimes. For me, I find fiction a more palatable way to deal with serious issues, sometimes a more subtle way, and always a more entertaining way of dealing with them!

litlove--I read The Fountainhead when I was in college, and really enjoyed it. Later, I think I found Objectivism, shall we say, a little lacking in compassion. But I still admired Rand's writing. I love Eliot, especially Middlemarch, which is one of my all-time favorite novels :)

gautami--yes, she's serious! I liked Year of Wonders, too, except I found the ending a little unbelievable.

Little Miss Nomad said...

Bernhard Schlink's The Reader.

Gentle Reader said...

Little Miss Nomad--definitely serious!

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