Thursday, January 7, 2010

Booking Through Thursday: Gifts

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Barbara wants to know:

What books did you get for Christmas (or whichever holiday you may have celebrated last month)?

Do you usually ask for books on gift-giving occasions or do you prefer to buy them yourself?

I didn't receive as many books as I usually do this holiday season. My husband doesn't like to buy me books as much as he used to, because he fears that I will have already read what he's chosen! So he has to ask me what I want, which isn't our gift-giving style, as we like to surprise each other. So my love of books has ultimately resulted in me receiving less books as gifts. Hmmm...

However, this doesn't cut down on the volume of books I actually attain. I do receive some bookstore gift certificates, usually, so I get to choose a few things for myself every year. This year I bought Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned: Stories, by Wells Tower, Let the Great World Spin: A Novel, by Colum McCann, and Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It, by Maile Meloy.

My book group will be reading Let The Great World Spin next, so I'm set!

What did Santa or Chanuklaus bring you this year?


jlshall said...

Book store gift cards and certificates are my favorite gifts. I love it when someone gives me a book as a gift, but it's even better when I can choose my own.

Jennifer said...

I love getting lost in a bookstore. My BTT:

J.S. Peyton said...

You have some great books there! Then again, of course I think so since I have two of the three books on my TBR shelf and "Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It" on my Amazon wishlist. =D

I hope you enjoy everything!

P.S. No one buys me books either. Most of the time I don't mind since all I buy is books. I leave it to everyone else to get me the other things I need. ;)

Gentle Reader said...

jlshall--lol, you're right--better to be able to pick out your own! Gift cards are really great :)

jennifer--I do, too!

j.s.--I noticed when I saw your TBR list that we seem to be on the same reading wavelength these days! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on any or all of them :)

Anonymous said...

My family doesn't get me books, either. :-( But they do come through with gift cards. :-)

litlove said...

Lovely books! I have a lengthy Amazon wish list that I promote loudly at Christmas time (and my birthday). It seems to work quite well, but giftcards are always good!

Dorothy W. said...

I've started telling people about my Book Mooch wishlist, which has around 200 books on it, so people can get me something they will know I want, but there is still some element of surprise. I got maybe five books from that list this year, which was great fun. And I got a gift card too -- can't go wrong with those!

Gentle Reader said...

Jill--gift cards are always nice, then you get exactly what you want!

litlove--I think the wishlist idea is great, and will have to adopt it!

Dorothy--I'm thinking you have the perfect solution--a good, long wishlist so there's room for creative gift-giving! Sounds like people were listening, since you scored five from your list--yay!

Little Miss Nomad said...

I got The Wild Things by Dave Eggers and two weird trashy romance novels my grandmother had bought for me when I was a kid and had the author inscribe to me and just found this year.

I bought myself a replacement Moby Dick (lost mine two years ago and decided it was time) and Ackroyd's biography of London.

Grad said...

I gave books this year but (sadly) did not get any. I usually do, so I was surprised. Maybe it was a hint from my family that there's simply no more shelf room in the house (and there's not). They should have known, however, that I can improvise!

aloi said...

i usually give books as gifts (am usually the only one who does in the family). but surprisingly no one gifts books to me. :( maybe because i have way too many of them already!

you have a lovely list of new books to read. hope you enjoy them! happy 2010!

Gentle Reader said...

Little Miss Nomad--sounds like you have a good combination of gifts from others and from yourself!

Grad--lol, maybe that was the message my husband was sending me by not giving me any books, either--clear out the shelves first!

aloi--Happy 2010 right back at ya!