Friday, May 14, 2010

Booking Through Thursday--Influence

Okay, first of all, you might be wondering where the heck I've been the last few weeks. And the answer would be, "right here." But obviously not blogging. Oh no, not that. It's just been a crazy few weeks of kid stuff, including this:

And this kind of stuff:

And yes, even this:

But there has been little blogging. Fortunately, there has still been some reading, which I will get to some time soon. But now, a little Booking Through Thursday question for you on a Friday:

Are your book choices influenced by friends and family? Do their recommendations carry weight for you? Or do you choose your books solely by what you want to read?

And my answer is that my book choices are influenced by the friends and family I know have good taste! I have a few go-to book-loving friends and family members whose taste I trust and whose recommendations I really treasure. There are a couple of family members in particular who seem to read everything before I do, and I love hearing what they have to recommend, and what they tell me I can steer clear of.

What about you?


Shelley said...

Sounds busy! It's good to know who you can trust as far as book recommends go!

Gentle Reader said...

Shelley--finally out of the weeds with kid busy-ness, and yes, love my recommendations from trustworthy friends and family :)

dogsdd said...
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Iliana said...

Good to see you back in the blogosphere. Sounds like you are super busy but glad to hear you are working in some books during all the busyness :)

Do friends and family influence my reading choices? I'd say mainly my book blog friends!